vintage matchbooks

Under the Covers of Vintage Matchbooks

  A large fishbowl caught my eye at an estate sale a few weekends ago. It was half full of vintage matchbooks. These are the little things at estate sales that make my heart skip a beat. I love matchbooks for the possibilities they represent. They are a window into the community as it once was. Intrigued, I dropped my hand… Read more →

Undercover Objects swizzle sticks

Vintage Swizzle Sticks

The only thing I knew about swizzle sticks before I started writing this was that they make my drinks taste better. Maybe it’s because the vintage swizzle sticks I use connect me to a time in the mid-century when drinking was just more fun. I found some vintage swizzle sticks at an estate sale recently and picked up a few… Read more →

84 Charing Cross Road cover

Dusting Off 84 Charing Cross

I have found that often the objects I uncover–especially the books–lead me to rediscover people or stories that were once known by a great many people but have since been lost to time. This is one of those books. I discovered 84 Charing Cross Road on a bookshelf in a largely liquidated home in California, next to a number of… Read more →